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Turmeric Tonic

Meet the new Boss.

All the turmeric you can stand and then some more.


Ingredients: Purified Water, Orange, Lemon, Local Honey, Turmeric, Ginger

A healthy dose of cold-pressed Turmeric. blended with distilled water, orange juice, lemon juice and ginger, and sweetened with wildflower honey. The new Boss of Turmeric refreshment.

  • 45% juice

  • All-natural, super-premium craft juice, cold-pressed from 100% fresh,
    whole fruits and vegetables.

  • No added sugar, color, or preservatives, or frozen or pre-processed ingredients.

  • High pressure pasteurized to lock in fresh-pressed flavor and nutrients.

  • Crafted with love, pride, and dedication in the SF Bay Area.


Turmeric Tonic Nutritional Panel.jpg


The ingredients used to make Turmeric Tonic provide a range of nutrients, not included on the nutritional panel, that support and protect human health and can help reduce the risk of certain diseases.