Summer Seasonal Juices On Sale June 23!

Spiraling Melon will be available beginning June 23. Berry Orange Lemonade and Cool Green will be available beginning June 30. All three should be available through mid October 2017.

Spiraling Melon. A mildly sweet and piquant, magnificently purple and deeply hydrating juice that you can drink all day. Lemon enhances the flavor of and balances the sweetness of ripe California Watermelon. Cayenne pepper makes Spiraling Melon mildly piquant. Spirulina adds a hint of salt along with a nutritional boost, and gives this juice it's rich color. 

Berry Orange Lemonade.  A bright-red, sweet-tart, orange lemonade, sweetened with agave and bursting with the flavor of ripe Strawberry. Berry Orange Lemonade is a delicious twist on an American classic and sets the new standard for summer refreshment. 

Cool Green. An unforgettably delicious, sweet-tart, light green, Summer juice. Cool Green marries the flavors of sweet, ripe Green Honeydew and tart Green Apple. Kale adds depth and a mild "green" flavor, and lemon brings the flavors together. The simplicity of fresh Spearmint is a counterpoint to the layered complexity of Honeydew and gives this juice a cool, clean finish.