OOJOO is a family-owned and -operated all-natural juice company based in Emeryville California. We are committed to making the best tasting, best quality juices available on the market from the best and freshest ingredients available. Our juices are cold-pressed from 100% fresh, whole produce and nothing else. We source the produce we use in our juices from Northern California with the exception pineapples and young Thai coconuts, which sadly don’t grow here, and pears and apples when out of season. See this chart for more information on sourcing.

We started OOJOO in 2015 because we found the juices available in our local markets, including the cold-pressed options, wanting. We set to work, creating a new range of juices each as good-looking, and nutritious as it was delicious. Today you can find these juices in more than 100 markets in the greater SF Bay Area, and our Pure Orange products at Philz Coffee locations in Northern California. Our juices are also available for purchase at oojoojuice.com and on Amazon.

Our Mission: Make you happy

OOJOO fuels the happier, healthier you. Balanced nutrition is fundamental to a long, happy, and active life, but fitting healthy meals into your busy lifestyle can be a challenge. Our minimally-processed foods, rich in all-natural nutrients, can help you reach your greatest potential by providing the healthy fuel your mind and body need for peak performance, endurance, and longevity.

OOJOO helps you do what you do so well.